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NextStep app in development with Samsung and the Foundation for Young Australians

NextStep app in development with Samsung and the Foundation for Young Australians

Are you a young Australian who is passionate about an issue but confused about how to take that next step? We are working to build an app that will help you to define your passions and get involved on your own terms.

The NextStep app will personalise social change movements through tailored interaction with young change agents while also adding an independent and youth-led voice to the big corporate-controlled world of polling data.

What problem will NextStep solve, and for whom?

Young Australians are purpose driven but are often left confused about how to turn that positive energy into tangible action. There is too much competing and conflicting information available online, and it is often driven by political bias and vested interests. Many commit their time and energy to organisations that are not the right fit for them, only to come away feeling lonely and disengaged. This uncoordinated approach adds to the frustration experienced by young people trying to navigate their purpose and contribute positively in our cluttered society.

How will NextStep solve that problem?

The NextStep app will pose interactive questions to its member about important and current public issues to gain a deeper understanding of their core passions. Based on their responses, the app will then recommend a tailored list of events, places, spaces and groups to channel their passions into action and collaboration. Not only will important public movements be catalysed by hoards of passionate contributors but NextStep will also be able to independently report on social change trends in real-time. Now we are building a strong sense of community with a shared purpose and adding an authentic and independent voice to biased polling data.


The result of a collaboration between Jack Greig and Pete Saunders, the NextStep app idea won the Common Ground category in the 2015 Samsung Adappt competition. It will be prototyped during the Adappt Bootcamp between 3 – 6 December 2015 in Sydney.

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