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Global Ideas Forum: Global Health Reimagined kicks off in October!

Global Ideas Forum: Global Health Reimagined kicks off in October!

Future Australian leaders called upon to reimagine Asia Pacific health in the 21st century.

Melbourne, VIC, Monday 12 October 2015

Hundreds of delegates will meet later this month in Melbourne to “reimagine our region’s health” as part of the 2015 Global Ideas Forum. They will be joined by over 40 leading thinkers from Australia and abroad, including Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate, Louise Schaper, CEO of the Health Informatics Society of Australia, and John Thwaites, Chair of the Monash Sustainability Institute and former Deputy Premier of Victoria.

Dubbed “one of the most informative, innovative, engaging and fun ways to contribute to the important global health issues of our time” by patron Rob Moodie, Professor of Global Health at the Nossal Institute and 2005 Victorian Father of the Year, the Forum aims to engage a diverse audience, in not only the issues facing health in our region, but also tangible ways to make a difference.

Opportunities and Challenges

The rise of China and India has seen an eastwards shift in the epicentre of global trade, population growth, and influence. Rapid economic development has transformed millions of lives in our region and has assisted in the little-known achievement — five years early, no less — of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal to reduce extreme poverty rates by half.

Still, children in our region die every day from causes that are entirely preventable, and stories abound of people struggling to meet their most basic health needs. Overburdened health workers, lack of training, drug stockouts and malfunctioning equipment remain the rule rather than the exception. Hygiene practices that would cause court cases and frontpage news here are the norm in countries that sit on our doorstep.

What to expect from #gif15

This year’s Forum will include keynotes to introduce big ideas and panel discussions to explore perspectives, but most emphasis will be on team projects designed to connect delegates with the real issues affecting the health of communities in our region. “Tackling real-world challenges in small teams is a great way to ensure people walk away not only having learned something, but also having made a difference,” observes Global Ideas Director of Programs, Rangi Desilva.

“That’s why we are collaborating with sixteen leading Australian health research and regional development organisations,” Director of Partnerships, Peter Haasz, chimes in. “We need to ensure that the program is anchored in human stories and real impact, not only ideas.”

“Addressing the complex and dynamic challenges facing health in our region means we need to focus on finding breakthroughs. We are reaching outside health for delegates, presenters and partners,” says Global Ideas Co-founder, Chair and General Physician, Dr Lloyd Nash. “We are united more by our passion than our profession. We need new voices to be heard.”

Global Ideas is a registered Australian charity that exists to help communities in our region make practical improvements to their health.

The Global Ideas Forum has run in Melbourne, Australia since 2012.
This year’s Forum runs 23–25 October 2015 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Tickets available via the website

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